Welcome Dr. Long Yuan from China Petroleum Logging Co., Ltd. to be a committee member!

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Dr. Long Yuan

China Petroleum Logging Co., Ltd.

Research Area:

Geophysical well logging interpretation and comprehensive geological application

Research Experience:

Mainly engaged in "fractured tight gas reservoir logging evaluation", "tight condensate gas reservoir logging comprehensive evaluation", "heavy oil bitumen sandstone logging evaluation" and other related research work. Technical features have been formed in the comprehensive evaluation of effectiveness of ultra-deep and ultra-high pressure fractured tight gas reservoirs, the comprehensive evaluation of "three-quality" logging in tight gas reservoirs, the sweet spot prediction of unconventional tight gas based on logging data, and the identification and quantitative evaluation of heavy oil asphalt. As the project leader, I organized and completed One major national science and technology project, two major projects of the joint-stock company, two key logging research projects of the joint-stock company, and five horizontal oilfield projects. We are carrying out two research projects of the joint-stock company, one horizontal research project on oilfield, obtained two first prizes of science and technology progress at the department or bureau level, one second prize of paper of China energy research association, one third prize of academic paper of XinJiang petroleum association, published more than ten papers (one of which was included by SCI as the first author). one article included by EI (first author); four core CSCD entries (1 first author, 2 corresponding authors), eight invention patents, four software works.