Welcome Prof. Shanzhong Qi from Shandong Normal University to be a committee member!

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Prof. Shanzhong Qi 

Shandong Normal University

Research Area: 

Environmental hazards (Natural/Man-made); Management of resources and environment

Research Experience:

He has hosted the National Social Science Fund (17BGL134): Ecological risk and management research on land use in northern karst areas under the background of urbanization, 2017.6—2020.6, the State Key Laboratory of Subtropical Forest Cultivation, and Beijing Jinyucheng Urban Planning Consulting Co., Ltd. Commissioned Project: Scope Identification and Spatial Structure Analysis of Dongcheng District of Liaoyi 2017.10—2018.10. He has participated the National Natural Science Foundation of China (31870702): The water environment effect and scale characteristics of urban forest landscape pattern, 2019.1—2022.12. He has published 16 academic papers. He has been awarded the second prize of the Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award, the 12th National Youth Geography and Technology Award of the Chinese Geography Society, and the first prize of Shandong University Higher Education Outstanding Achievement Award.